Pods have a unique requirement for cooling, that’s why we have developed a brand new cooling system. Its called the Oasis and uses some of the most advanced technology currently available resulting in a very small, lightweight low energy quiet system that’s just perfect for a pod.


Incorporating cooling into a desk makes perfect sense providing the perfect working environment perfect because you can set the temperature to suit your own requirements, for correct posture & ambient temperature to work in. Perfect for creating your own little Oasis.


Acoustic seating is great and there are some fantastic designs around. However, their construction restricts airflow into and around the enclosed spaces, causing stuffiness and temperatures to rise. The all-electronic Oasis cooler is small and quiet enough to be integrated into the acoustic seating itself, providing fresh, gentle and cooled air.


Lighting has a massive impact on any environment.  The rapid growth of cool running LED lighting has enabled some amazing spaces to be created. At Silentair we feel its time to integrate cooling into LED lighting. Wow what a radical idea! Oasis cooling and LED lighting. A winning combination if ever there was one.

About Us

Silentair Systems was formed to develop new and exciting methods of air cooling. Using advanced thermoelectric technology we have created one of the most versatile pieces of cooling equipment ever. This amazing product quite literally changes the way we think about cooling. Silentair Systems have been able to develop what started out as a very simple idea and turned it into something so versatile that it can be used in hundreds of applications.

We have been able to do this by using our cooling and refrigeration experience of over 80 years and combined with our unique and very original ‘Silentair Thought Process’ makes us one of the leading cooling development companies in the UK.

We are proud to be ‘very different’, always standing out from the crowd, equally proud to be a Yorkshire Company producing high quality innovative products for use throughout the world. Our cooling systems are uniquely quiet and environmentally friendly, so please don’t hesitate to contact us – we may already have an innovative solution to your cooling problem.

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